Aurora Monroe – Homecumming Queen

Homecumming Queen

Homecumming Queen

A goddess adore her by no means urges for dates.
“I ran for homecoming queen my senior year, and I remember I had so many dates! So many, in fact, that I didn’t end up going with any of ’em. I didn’t wanna be fastened down to anyone. I wanted to keep my options open. That was one of the foremost decisions I ever made.”

Why was that one of your foremost decisions?
“Because I danced and flirted with plenty of cute boys. If I had gone with a date, I would have had to stay with him the complete time. Boring! I likewise made out with a hotty. And towards the end of the night I snuck behind the bleachers with one of the boyz and got the shit fucked out of me.”

U did not acquire caught screwing?
“No, but I nearly did! We went back there to screw when they were announcing the homecoming king and queen. Well, I won! His penis was inside me when I heard my name and I had to rush to compose myself so I could go onstage and accept the crown. It was a rush!”

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