Ariana – Teen Pee Bonus

Teen Pee Bonus

Teen Pee Bonus

Hey studs, we were perusing our sister web resource and we saw this amazing set of Ariana pissing in her briefs. We know that some of u boys love watching nubiles pee, so we figured we’d rip off 18eighteen and let you watch, too. Relish!

How does an sinless farm angel end up widening her muff for the digital camera?
“First of all, just cuz I was raised on a farm doesn’t mean I was innocent! I used to have sex in the barn and do all kinds of mischievous things. I was always naughty, and that is why I knew I had to receive with out Wisconsin. I’ve always been a very raunchy and wanton person. Anyone who truly knows me wouldn’t be surprised to check out that I took professional undressed images.”

How do you adore living in California?
“It’s great! I adore that it’s always warm and sunny and I can usually wear skimpy clothing. I love to show lots of skin. That’s why these winters back home were terrible. I abhored being bundled up in tons of sweaters and jackets and scarves! I do not think I ever desire to see snow again. But in any case, there are also so many good-looking people out here; I can not believe it. I at no time have a shortage of ramrod to choose from. Basically, my life is great. I receive lots of sun and tons of sex!”

We just have to tell you that we love your large pink flaps.
“Thanks. I used to wish they were smaller and my mangos were greater, but I got over that. I adore my body the way it’s, and so do lots of guys! Large cunt lips are joy to play with and my little wobblers can fit perfectly into a guy’s face hole. And even if somebody isn’t a fan of large pink flaps, there’s no denying that a tight pussyhole is charming, and mine is definitely taut! I mean, we can’t all walk around having super tiny pussy lips. There would be no variety if all angels were love that, and what pleasure is that? Plus, there’s no thing hotter than seeing my lips wrapped around a cock-both pairs of ’em!”

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