Annellise Croft – Annellise’s First Time

Annellise’s 1st Time

Annellise's First Time

Annellise Croft is a playful, smiling, 49-year-old novice who was born in Britain and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. This babe says she’s modest.

“I’m just a little bit coyness until I have to know someone,” big-titted, blond Annellise says.

In these photos, she acquires to know 25-year-old Rocky very well. She gets to know his penis. This gent gets to know her slit. This babe gets to know what it feels like to have a porn stud’s cum all over her face. That’s because it’s her first scene!

We asked her about her fun bags.

“Nice, aren’t they?” that babe said.

They’re 36DDDs. And they’re topped by long, thick, always-hard nipples. We have observed lots of areolas, and Annellise’s are among the utmost we have ever observed, rivalling 50PlusMILF Jenna Covelli’s.

And receive this: There’re times when Annellise goes out wearing a sheer, white top with no underneath garment. The thought of that just boggles the mind.

“I love long, ardent giving a kiss,” told Annellise, who’s divorced. “I love my teats being kissed and sucked. I adore them played with, like I am doing right now and I’m liking that.”

Modest. We’re not buying that.

By the way, Annellise is a Mother of one and a grandmother of three. There is lots more of her to come. But for now, relish her on-camera initial debut.

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