Anjelica Lauren – Anjelica Lauren’s wild ride

Anjelica Lauren’s wild ride

Anjelica Lauren's wild ride

Anjelica Lauren did plenty of rogering in the 2000s. That babe was a late starter at porn (she got into it at age Thirty one), but that babe dove in, lustily sucking and screwing in hundreds of videos, directing and even conducting interviews at adult awards reveals, likewise. She did it all.

She dropped out of porn for a whilst, but now she’s back, and her visit to the 40 something studio marked her return. If you get the chance, investigate the movie version of this interview. It is a wild ride.

40SOMETHING: You are on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and u said me before that your fans are truly looking forward to this.
ANJELICA: Oh my gosh. You know, I loved doing porn. I did porn for so lengthy, I did so many videos and I had such a run. I became renowned so fast at 31 years old. I did movie scenes in Florida, then I was flown to L.A., and in five years I banged out all the companies in L.A., then I came back to Florida ‘coz I had to take care of my son. I’m a Mama. So I’m in Florida now and I’d like to keep shooting.

40SOMETHING: In the early 2000s and mid-2000s, u were rogering a lot.
ANJELICA: Oh, yeah. I was gangbanging. I was doing everything. It was the time of my life.

40SOMETHING: Your mangos are bigger in size, aren’t they?
ANJELICA: Yes, and they’re dangling a little more so they look natural. But my fans like me for my personality because I am real. I actually love to bonk and I actually cum. I’m str8 up.

40SOMETHING: What’s your much loved thing about porn?
ANJELICA: [Ignores the question] Did u know my wet crack is tighter than my booty?

40SOMETHING: Indeed?
ANJELICA: My ex-spouse wanted to do anal so bad, and I said, “Why? My twat is tighter than my arse,” and he told, “Really?” Coz this chab loved my muff. That man told, “Your cookie is so fine. It’s so tight.” And I told, “Why do you wanna do anal?” and he said, “I wanna just try it,” and we did it, and this chab told, “You’re right. Your fucking cunt is tighter than your a-hole.” My pussy is indeed taut. I do kegel exercises. I am gonna do ’em on the guy’s dick this day.

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