Alina Li – Chinese Finger Trap

Chinese Finger Trap

Chinese Finger Trap

Alina has learned some fresh tricks.
The final time we spoke to Alina was in the Feb. ’14 issue, and that babe had just learned how to cum during sex, but could merely cum once. This babe said this babe was intend to masturbate more often to educate her body to take more joy. Obviously we asked her about it. “Cumming during sex is super easy now. Sometimes I’ll need to tell the boy I’m with to slow down coz it is a little too much, but that’s merely after I have cum, adore, four or five times. It’s truly intensive. Now I’ve started opening up a bit coz I am so relaxed after I cum. I’ll even let the lad stick his fingers in my wazoo! It feels truly admirable when he’s using 2 fingers in my wet crack and one in my ass. Sometimes I can feel him pinch the skin between the holes and it turns me on so much I instantly cum. That’s the only way to make me squirt, likewise.”

Alina’s fashionable slit is nearly also taut.
“This Lothario I am rogering right now has a really big dick, which feels handsome, but his ramrod in my miniature cum-hole means it’s super constricted down there for him. When we first started rogering this man came in two seconds. We the one and the other started laughing.”

Alina doesn’t desire a husband.
We made the mistake of calling the fellow Alina’s screwing her husband. This babe was quick to scold us. “He’s not that at all! Jeez, just ‘cuz a cutie sucks a chap off and lets him copulate her, people wanna put labels on it. I am just looking for a good time, and this boy happens to be really wonderful at fingering and tongueing my muff. That charmer is even gotten more precious at rogering me; this man lasts longer now. The cool thing about having a fuck-buddy is that neither one of us receives jealous. When I tell him I let a boy bonk me at a party this chap just craves to prove that this chab can do it harder and faster than the other boy! Plus, since we don’t have jealous feelings we can totally share other gals when I’m in the mood for vagina.”

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