Alice Green – Ginger Cookie

Ginger Snatch

Ginger Cookie

We like redheads, Alice! Why don’t you grow out your bush?
“Because everyone shaves their pubes these days. And tons of chaps think bush is naughty! Plus, I was always self-conscious about having red pubes. People used to tanalise me about it and call me fire crotch. So I shaved anything off, and I think I like it more wonderful this way. Shaving makes it smell more wonderful and feel softer. And no hair is in the way when a lad eats me out.”

You’ve had sex? But you look so virginal!
“Everyone always tells me I look so pleasant and sinless! I suppose it’s the red hair and curls that make me look so wholesome. I mean, I’m a admirable angel. I just happen to be a wonderful beauty who can’t live out of rod and slit! You can be the one and the other nasty and precious, right?”

Tons of lads like red pubes, you know.
“Now that I think of it, I might have heard smth about that previous to. I guess if a lad truly wanted me to grow out my bush, I would do it to turn him on. I’d more incredible get tons of bigger than typical loads of cum for that!”

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