Abby Paradise – Staying Tight

Staying Taut

Staying Tight

Abby finally popped her anal cherry!
When we final saw Abby in the July ’14 issue this babe said us she was very interested in anal but broke up with her partner previous to she could try it. As we expected, this babe identified someone new to plumb the depths of her arsehole. “Yes, I lastly did anal, and love I guessed, I loved it! The trick is truly to kick off off slow and gentle until you are comfortable.”

Tell us more about your 1st gazoo stab experience!
“The lad and I were making out, and I was just super excited and succulent. We started having sex, which felt astonishing. I know it sounds a matter of joke, but I indeed just started lust a dong in my butt. I knew it was time, so I told him to stick it in my arse. That chap eased it in valuable and slow, and it was love at 1st thrust!”

Did the lad cum in your anal opening? Please tell us this chab did!
“No, this chab didn’t, but now I absolutely wanna try that! I guess that gent was so used to pulling out and spraying my body or face that this chab just naturally did that when we did anal. This chab pulled out and came all over my a-hole. It was a massive load, likewise! But I’d adore to feel him discharge a load that bigger than typical in my anal opening. And it is not love I’d must be worried about getting preggers or anything. I actually like it when boyz cum in my cum-hole, so I can imagine it is so much better in your wazoo. It feels so wonderful when u can feel that cum blasting all over your insides. And I adore how sexy and impure an anal spunk pie sounds!”

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