Adria – Hole in one

Aperture in one

Hole in one

“My idea of a flawless date would be getting out and playing golf. I played all four years of high-school, so I might kick your wazoo! Certainly, I would not be opposed to fooling around on the fairway!”

We asked Adria to tell us about her kinkiest erotic encounter. “Well, I started having sex indeed juvenile, so I have got a lot of experience getting kinky. Plus, I am not afraid of getting bawdy. My kinkiest meeting would probably be the 1st time I had anal sex. It was with my high school hubby on his parents’ trampoline. It was daytime, and this Lothario was pumping my darksome hole adore a rabbit.”

“I masturbate every night before I go to sofa. It helps me sleep. Once, I was rubbing my clitoris while sleeping over at a friend’s house. I accidentally awoke her up, and we started having sex. She ate me out until I squirted, and then I returned the favor. We had so much pleasure, we ended up having a threesome with her hubby the very next night.”

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Alexis Fawx – JMac paints Alexis’ face

JMac paints Alexis’ face

JMac paints Alexis' face

JMac is painting. Hot golden-haired Alexis Fawx, 40, is wearing a constricted, sexy suit that hugs her curves and stockings. She’s touching herself. She crosses her legs. This babe is awfully decked out for a lady who’s watching a room being painted.

“Thank u for coming out on such late notice,” Alexis says.

“Oh, no problem,” oblivious JMac says.

Alexis’s partner was supposed to paint the room, but the idle fucker not at all got around to it.

“I just thought I’d take matters into my own hands,” that babe says.

Turn around, JMac! Turn around!

She touches him. She rubs her boobs against him.

“You have to work out,” that babe says, touching his arms. Oldest M.I.L.F. line in the book.

Now JMac’s starting to get the picture.

“You told you had a boyfriend?” JMac says.

Alexis assures him that this ladies man is not there. Won’t be back any time soon.

JMac, oblivious no longer, stops painting and turns around.

Then this buck sticks his rod in her face hole. Then he screws her in all sorts of positions. Alexis has greater than typical mounds, but every other part of her body is diminutive, and JMac manhandles her.

He’ll finish the paint job eventually, but first, that man has to paint Alexis’s face. That’s a job well done.

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Mia Morgan – Mia’s first time…and third guy in 30 years!

Mia’s 1st time…and third lad in Thirty years!

Mia's first time...and third lad in 30 years!

Until 50-year-old Mia Morgan strolled into our studio, that babe had had sex with solely 2 chaps in the final 30 years. One was her 1st boyfriend. The other was her current spouse. And then, in the span of two days, she doubled her output. Or input. Or whatever. This babe had sex with 2 of our dudes. Tarzan, her skirt chaser in this scene, is one of ’em.

You know, plenty of vixens who copulate at are swinger married couples. Not Mia. They’re nudists. Not Mia. She told until that babe met her swinging hubby, “I didn’t even know that lifestyle existed. I’d not at any time even heard the word swinging.”

Mia was born in Sacramento, California and raised in rural Arkansas.

“It’s the Baptist bible thong,” she told. “Where I taught school, I had to have socks or stockings on my feet all the time. I could wear dresses or skirts that went beneath the knee.”

Yes, that babe was an easy school teacher. Now, that babe is doing this. Wearing a see-through top. Mouthing and screwing a ladies man this babe met five minutes agone.

“My husband told that I had avid skills and I had to have been a sex star in my past, and it kind of trickled down to where that Lothario said, ‘You could be a pornstar.’ He sent in my images and I at no time thought I would receive a response. I did not think I would be accepted.” And when we accepted her, she said, “You’re kidding me!”

We obviously weren’t kidding her. Here’s Mia.

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Raquel Ritz – Ritzy MILF Slit


Ritzy MILF Slit

Meet Raquel Ritz, a 40-year-old wife and Mom of two teenagers who’s posing for undressed pix for the very first time. Raquel is 5’2″ tall. She is from Pennsylvania, and this babe found the SCORE Group on the Internet. That babe told the people who know her topmost would be surprised to see her here.

“I am conservative in public,” this babe told.

This babe is not conservative behind closed doors. This babe is a swinger. This babe likes to look at her spouse copulate other chicks. He can’t live with out to see her fuck other bucks. Raquel likes gangbangs. She likes to have a thick dick in her twat during the time that this babe fingers her clit. This babe one time fucked a 21-year-old. We are sharing Raquel with our sister sites ‘coz, let us be honest, u can’t stop after you’ve had just one Ritz.

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Alina West – Camel-Toe Queen

Camel-Toe Queen

Camel-Toe Queen

Why do you call yourself a cameltoe queen?
“Because for soever reason, whenever I wear hose or yoga trousers I always have a cameltoe! I suppose it’s just the way my muff is. It is so lustful it sucks up anything that’s close to it! [Laughs] I used to be constantly tugging my trousers down out of my crotch in those situations, but I’ve given up on that and accepted that my twat will be on show. If you think about it, it is kind of hawt. Some beauties like to brandish love bubbles and butt, but I’m showing off my twat. When I go to the gym I see studs staring at my crotch, and I bet they’re wondering what it is like to eat me out and shag me.”

You do not at any time feel coy or constrained about having a cameltoe?
“I used to, but not anymore. A boy who would always flirt with me at the gym said me as a joke that seeing a cameltoe was better than seeing the real thing. So now I just own it. Likewise, it kind of feels priceless when the material is riding up my muff and fondelling on my clitoris. Now tons of the time I will not even wear underclothing with my hose so I’ll have a super cameltoe. It can be a little embarrasing when my bawdy cleft is damp and my hose acquire stained, though! But then that just means I need to go home, peel ’em and smell my ravishing scent! Yep, I truly do that.”

Has your cameltoe ever gotten u laid by somebody checking u out?
“Well, there was this once I was taking a yoga class and I felt love the instructor was staring at my fur pie. It did not assist that I was wearing white yoga trousers with no underwear either. During the class this chab kept coming up to me and adjusting my positions. After class we started talking and went to go have some tea, and we ended up fooling around in his car. I was all perspired and this chab ate my muff and rectal hole with no hesitation. And during the time that this man was going down on me this chab said, ‘I knew your wet crack would smack just as good as it looks. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.’ So of course I wanted to screw. I started riding him and this chab stuck a finger in my gazoo and I oozed all over his testicles and car seat. It was a worthy, sweaty post-workout screw.”

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Sara Skiphers – The days of wine and pussy

The days of wine and cunt

<b>The days of wine and pussy</b>” title=”<b>The days of wine and muff</b>” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=“Sally D’Angelo, my friend, said I should discharge for 40something, so here I am!” said Sara Skiphers, a 49-year-old wife, Mother and grandmother. “I’ve always liked being naked, so this is perfect for me.”

Well, first of all, thanks, Sally, for pointing Sara in our direction. Mrs. D’Angelo definitely knows a hot M.I.L.F. when that babe sees one. And, yep, Sara, you are right, this is consummate for you with your buxom body, pretty face and greater than standard love muffins.

We asked Sara if the people who know her would be surprised to see her here, and this babe said, “Yes, but they’d be contented of me.”

Pleasured of her meatballs? Pleasured of her snatch?

“Proud that I had the courage to take the plunge and that you thought I was nice.”

The lad who drilled her in her 1st boy-girl scene at thought this babe was fine. So did her real-life partner, who had to sit there and watch her shag.

Do u think she’s good? Let her know.

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Adrianna – MMA Fucker

MMA Fucker

MMA Fucker

“My daddy put me in all of these intensive training classes when I was just a kid,” Adrianna said us. “He gorgeous much raised me as a boy. I took Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai training for years. I suppose this chab worried about my safety around chaps. This fellow did not realize that as I got aged, I started fooling around with all the boys in my classes. It is indeed competitive and there aren’t tons of angels. I was popular before I started putting out, but now it’s out of control!”
“Getting on the mat with a boy you’ve been with is very strange. On one hand, my feminine instincts tell me to lose so he’ll feel more priceless about himself. On the other hand, screw that! I wanna kick arse! Fighting with your hubby in a controlled way makes sex so much more fine. U learn how to read a guy’s body and eventually you can predict his moves and react to ’em. It can too receive rough! That makes it hotter.”

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