AJ Applegate

AJ Applegate AJ Applegate
AJ Applegate @ CuckoldSessions.com
AJ Applegate is about to throw her serf a bone in the form of access to her snatch. However, white man ultimately weenie blocked by a dark knob that pokes throughout a aperture in the wall. The cuckold’s chastity device covers a petite knob, but not his utter shame. AJ’s attention quickly focuses to the random black knob that has just shattered the hopes and dreams of the white cuckold. AJ’s mouth forgoes the miniature white weenie in favour of the fortunate dark-skinned stranger that is now present. AJ invites him doggy style the wall and gives him unrestricted access to her mouth. The cuckold watches as his chances of screwing AJ diminish with every passing second. AJ Applegate keeps mouthing on her new majority worthy friend until her cookie sends the signal to her head that it’s time for some interracial banging! The cuckold implores and pleads with his Bitch beauty to allow him to break free from his chastity strap and the salute to beat his petite tool. AJ’s leniency is non-existent as this babe keeps getting drilled by a mountainous darksome dick. The key to the cuckold’s freedom now belongs to the dark chap , and it doesn’t look as if he is letting up anytime in a short time. AJ’s face hole acquires filled to the brim with ghetto gravy, and AJ knows exactly where to deposit that pool of creamy man juice.

AJ Applegate AJ Applegate

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