Playing Favorites

Playing Favorites

Playing Favorites

We’ve so many attractive beauties send in photos, we tend to sort ’em into categories in our minds: Busties, flatties, booties, anal paramours, Bush Babies, etc. And when we think of these categories, a dozen or so names come to the forefront of every subset. But when we think of our all-time prefered gals, every member on the NaughtyMag team has their own personal beloved.

Kate Anne is our editor Eamonn’s much loved. Maybe it is her velvety British accent. Maybe it’s her thick, luxuriously velvety pubes. Or maybe it’s her hourglass figure or her bigger than run of the mill, squishy titties. Soever it’s, Kate Anne is one memorable girl.

We reached out to Kate recently coz we were wondering if she, adore so many of our previous Bush Baby angels, had hairless off her pubes. That babe responded by sending us a picture. Let us just say, we were cheerful to watch photo evidence of her still very much intact bush. Enjoy her most-recent pics!

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Little Miss Cums A lot

Little Miss Cums A lot

Little Miss Cums A lot

“I’m passive when it comes to sex. I adore the gent to make the 1st move. But just because I’m not super aggressive doesn’t mean I am prude. I am lewd and urge sex all the time. I adore to give blow jobs, and supposedly I am indeed admirable at them. At least that’s what the boys tell me. And I can cum soooo much! Once I came so many times that I lost count and fell asleep 45 seconds after we stopped rogering. Sometimes I urge that boyz could cum as much as girls so I could relish more of their loads in my face hole.”

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A very good Night

A very fine Night

A very admirable Night

It’s time to must know Nadia Night, a 40-year-old, sex-loving, huge-titted hottie from South Florida. Nadia has posed for Leg Sex and SCORE magazine. SCORELAND, also, and now she’s on her second scene at 40something. She’s getting mature and better.

Nadia has dark hair and hazel eyes and DDD-cup milk cans. She’s very feisty. That babe loves to fuck. This babe knows she’s a sex kitten and enjoys getting and giving enjoyment. She’s not a Mom. She’s not even a cougar, truly. And this babe says the people who know her topmost wouldn’t be surprised to watch her here.

“Who needs fashionable clothes in any case?” she said. “I don’t classify myself as a nudist. I just think hot outfit are overrated.”

They are when a lady has a body like Nadia’s. Lengthy legs. Slim waist. DDD-cup hooters. The woman has it all. That babe can’t live without to engulf jock and balls. This babe loves to shag. She’s even open to anal job, which she’s doing this day and talks about in this interview.

Nadia is a wild female who’s living a wild life, and now we’ve to savour it with her.

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Diamond is a cock’s best friend

Diamond is a cock’s ultimate friend

Diamond is a cock's almost any astonishing friend

Diamond Red, who’s 64 years old, makes her worldwide hardcore first appearance by engulfing and screwing a 33-year-old’s weenie. That’s nothing recent for this Mom and divorcee from Arizona, who regularly dates boys half her age.

“I’ve been with a buck as juvenile as Thirty three, and now I’m seeing a petticoat chaser who’s 39, and this gent just loves maturer hotty’s,” said Diamond, who’s a super-slim and sexy redhead. “But studs are studs and honeys are women. There is no worthy age or bad age.”

True, but there are more good long-time, and 64 is one of ’em.

Diamond is a Mamma of 2 and a grandmother of four, and when we asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, this babe said, “Some yep and some no. I have a wide multiformity of friends. Some would be shocked and would at not time talk to me anew. Others would wanna know when my movie will be out so they can buy it.”

One friend who wouldn’t be surprised: 60Plus M.I.L.F. Leah L’Amour, who sent her our way.

“I like Leah. She’s so full of life and she’s so captivating, but she’s not merely glamourous on the out side. She’s attractive on the inside, likewise.

“One day she was telling me about what this babe did at, and that babe told, ‘Diamond, u would just adore it! U need to walk around with few attractive garments on and you have to suck rod! You receive to bonk! And cuz u perform and because you’re so out there, I suppose you’d be perfect, so u should go for it.’ And everything this babe told me was very truthful and honest.”

By performing, Leah was referring to the fact that Diamond used to dance burlesque. And now this babe is stripping on a juvenile guy’s wang and opening her face hole for his load. Letting it ooze onto her glamorous zeppelins, too.

This Diamond is a cock’s superlatively worthy friend.

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We’re continuing our Piss-Takes Weekend with Chloe, whom you boyz may remember from a dunky in number months ago. This babe is back, and this time this babe is letting loose with her full bladder.

Tell us about your kinkiest experience.
“It was in the bathroom at school. Some lads had dared this boy to go into the girls’ bath. This buck went into another stall and just sat there in silence. I called him over to keep me company whilst I peed, and this woman chaser got rigid when he saw my cum-hole.”

What happened next, Chloe?
“He viewed me pee, and then I told him to take out his dick so I could engulf it. The fellatio was truly hawt, and at the same time I was shocked that I was doing it in a washroom at school. I remember being truly turned on. His shlong felt so unbending in my throat; I knew it would feel great in my vagina. So I stood up, and this chab banged me from behind. I wanted to moan but had to stay kind of quiet just in case. My cookie was making cushioned noises from being so damp whilst he thrust into me. He didn’t final long, maybe love, eight minutes. But I came, and this chab sprayed cum all over my wazoo.”

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Loving Herself

Loving Herself

Loving Herself

Megan rubs and touches her body like this babe means it. Writhing and squirming, she cuddles herself with the same enthusiasm as a teen lad getting laid for the 1st time. With her looks, it is no surprise that even this babe cant keep her hands off herself. Despite being relatively naive, sex drips with out her pores. Megan thrusts her haunches up as that babe diddles her like button, wishing that babe could fuck the imaginary knob that is making her cum in her mind. We wager u wish that meat-thermometer was yours. This babe does likewise.

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Are u the kind of ladies man who can’t live without watching youthful cuties tinkle? Do u get off watching that golden stream exiting her twat, only to check out it rammed later by fingers and dongs? Well, you’ve got a great weekend ahead of u. We’ve got the next 3 days scheduled with young teens who just have to tinkle.

First up is Lexy.

Have u ever peed where u weren’t supposed to?
“All the time! In fact, I like peeing in places other than a washroom. I love to pop a squat outside. It feels so natural. Once I peed in a stairwell. And peeing in the garage was joy!” Watch it for yourself in the DVD L’il Pissers, obtainable at

What’s the thrill you receive from peeing in unusual places?
“I adore the freedom of it. The naughtiness of it. The possibility of someone seeing me. I am a little bit of a rebel at heart, so sometimes I like to do things that are taboo or forbidden. Plus, it is more convenient to drop your knickers and go when u have to. Boyz have way more freedom with that, why shouldn’t girls have it likewise?”

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